September 9, 2010

{ i had a baby }

Which is why I've been MIA for so long.

That plus moving from Maryland back to Utah to have the baby, then back to Maryland, and now to Pennsylvania for my husband's work equals VERY little time for crafting projects.

Also, it has taken me awhile to get the hang of two kids.  Cause, you know, they outnumber me now.
I feel like I am finally getting there though.  Course, since I'm in Pennsylvania for the next couple weeks, so my projects will be severely limited.  But I'll be here, lurking around. (um...not in the creepy way that that sounds though :))

And while I wait to get started again, I'll be enjoying giving mucho smooches to these two lovebugs.
sorry for the quality...crappy phone pic

Ah! Love those two. 

I will be back shortly with some projects to show you.
Until then, thanks for continuing to inspire me with all your crafty genius.

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