July 16, 2010

{ window treatments: the before }

I love my mom.
She doesn't "get" my passion for decorating, but she totally "gets" me and since I love it, is totally supportive of me.

We were talking about all the changes I am in the process of making to our condo (does the list ever end?  Um...no :) and she mentioned that she has been wanting new curtains in her living room and kitchen for the longest time but just hasn't found the time to make them...

Enter me.

When she asked me if I could help her with some new window treatments, I think I about squealed out loud,  I was so excited.  Here is what we are starting with...

Window over the kitchen sink -- overlooks the backyard

Three bay windows looking into the side of the yard

One large window looking into the backyard

and two patio doors

I am so excited to get to work on these and have been scouring the internet looking for some sample pictures to show my mom.  I want the room to reflect their style and be comfortable.  Also, my parents have 13 (almost 14!) grandchildren, so it has to be very kid-friendly.

Any ideas for window treatment styles I should look up would be greatly appreciated!

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Kurtzhals said...

Hey there!
I know of a great inexpensive window treatment :)
Get some canvas dropcloths from your hardware paint department.
Sew a pocket for the rod, or put tabs on the top OR just use the hooks that clip on.
Then on the bottom of the curtains add a ruffle to finish them off (with the same drop cloth OR with contrasting material)
You could also fold it over on top so that it looks like you have a long curtain with a short valance on top...so easy AND CHEAP.
Go check out theletteredcottage blog and search for "drop cloth curtains"!
Otherwise maybe a cool denim fabric? I've been seeing that alot lately.