July 10, 2010

{ project: nursery }

Obviously I am VERY new at this whole decor blogging thing, because I completely spaced posting for the last week or so.  If I were more "with it", I would have planned some posts ahead of time.  Ah well, live and learn right?
Sorry for the brief hiatus -- I am back and ready to go!

So, as some of you may know, I am a little bit pregnant.
Oh, who am I kidding -- I'm about to explode.
I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant and baby boy (no name yet) is due to make his appearance on August 3rd.
This was me at 29 weeks:
  I have not taken a more recent pic -- if I do, I'll post it for y'all to see.
While we could not be more thrilled, I am suddenly thrown into nesting overdrive. 
See, with my Taelie girl, I made her nursery bedding, and I've been planning on making this little one's too, but between moving for the summer and having to haul stuff back and forth, I decided to just wait until I got home to worry about it.  (and I could not for the life of me, find any fabric that I just LOVED in Baltimore.  Soooo frustrating!) 
Well, I'm home now...and I only have 3 1/2 weeks to whip together some of this cuteness:
Boy, those bumpers took a lot of work -- they aren't hard at all - just time consuming.
And, knowing me, I had to make the crib skirt difficult and use multiple fabrics instead of just one.  I have issues, people...issues!
This blanket took by far the most work though...luckily I love it, but man!

I love making baby bedding, so I am actually really excited to get started on baby boy's nursery.  I have it all planned out in my head how I want it to look. 

As soon as Taelie girl wakes up, we are off to the fabric store.  I am praying this little boy waits until his induction date to get here...if so, then I have T-26 days until delivery.  That is plenty of time to make everything, right?  (just nod along with me...it will make me feel better!)

Now, if I can just find fabric I love...we'll be set!


Tim and Michelle Burgoyne said...

I'm SUPER excited to see the fabic that you finally found. Taelie's turned out so cute!!

Julia said...

The fabric you found is awesome. And you look so beautiful at 29 weeks! I wish I had lol. I was a bit... swollen. You look wonderful, and I hope you're feeling it too.