June 28, 2010

{ starting fresh }

Welcome to my blog!
I am seriously SO happy you stopped by.  A {very very very} few of you might remember me from my old blog, The Inspiration Studio.  I started that one about a year ago, but I never had any real direction with it, and, well, sad to say, it was very much neglected.

I recently discovered The Inspired Room, (I know! I know!  Took me long enough, huh?  AWESOME blog.) and didn't want Melissa to think I was copying her name.  So between those two reasons, a new blog was formed, and I am just thrilled about it.  I have so many ideas to post, I can't wait to get started.

So nice to *meet* you, and I hope you'll come back again!


Maria and Michelle said...

Thanks for commenting about my clock! I've been going back and forth on the IIII situation, so I was relieved to read your post. Ha! I can't wait to read your new blog!


Laura @ Just For Love said...

Nice to "meet" you, too! Thanks for stopping by to say hi and for your sweet comment. Just wanted you to know that I'm a happy new follower : ) Good luck with the new blog!

Love, Laura