November 1, 2010

{ thankful it's mine - a place to call HOME }

With so many decor blogs out there, and so many talented and amazing people running them, it's totally sometimes it can get a little overwhelming trying to do so many projects and get your home into a "perfect" state.  It's easy to feel like everyone is so much more talented or has so much more time or money or whatever it is to deck out their home the way you want to.  I'm sure many of us feel like our home is never up to par.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I fee; like November was a fitting month to express appreciation for what we DO have.  No matter how big or little our space, or how much (or lack of) money we may have, we can ALL find things we LOVE about our home. 

I feel  so lucky to have a place I can call HOME:
Welcome to the A's home! 

Here at Number 10, we laugh, cry, love, argue, tickle our kids, play fetch with our dog, watch movies, host dinner parties, clean, decorate, refinish furniture, paint, work, study, relax, and most of all, just enjoy being with each other.

Number 10 is many things to me:
* where we brought our children to from the hospital after birth
* where we brought our dog to when we were told we wouldn't be able to have children (take THAT doctors!:) )
* the first space we bought together
* where we curl up on the couch to cuddle for a good chick flick (pretty much the only movies I watch -- my hubs puts up with a LOT!)
* where our daughter learned to crawl and later, took her first steps
* where we get to come back to after a long summer away for my husband's work
* where we spray paint and refinish furniture on our 12x5 foot deck
* a place that (hopefully) says, "classy, with kids welcome here!" :)
* a place just for us

And above all, Number 10 is the place we call HOME.

It doesn't matter if you own, rent, whatever, if you have a place that you feel comfortable in, that you can breathe a sigh of relief when you walk through the door, then you have a place to call home! That one little fact alone makes us very, very lucky. 

What about you? What do you love about your home?   

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Dani @ Just Drops in the Bucket said...

I totally agree that sometimes blogland is a bit overwhelming. But you're right, it's good to step back and appreciate what we do have. Thanks for the reminder ;-)