November 19, 2010

{ entertaining: the little touches }

I am a firm believer that special events or occassions are really made special because of the extra effort you put into it.  Maybe it makes me a little more stressed out or anxious beforehand, but I don't mind.  I really think it's worth it.  To me, it shows that the person we are celebrating is important and our guests are important.

When we blessed my daughter a couple years ago, I made a fruit bouquet for the luncheon afterwards.  I had never done something like this before, but thanks to the infinite wisdom of those on the internet, I was able to do it...
(shocking, right? :)

And here's a little close-up for you.  You're welcome :)

So, when we blessed our son a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to make him one too.  Only, since it's November, it was hard to find good fruit in season.  Luckily, after going to 4 different stores, I finally found strawberries ( was ridiculous!)
With Taelie's, it was REALLY top heavy -- I was so nervous the whole time that if anyone bumped the table, the whole thing would tip over, so instead of doing a tall crystal vase, I went with a crystal bowl this time.
I underestimated how much fruit I would need to make it as full as I wanted, but it still works.
And, wouldn't you know it -- the crystal bowl was the one that ended up breaking. :(  Not at the luncheon, luckily, but I was pretty sad when it happened.  Gotta love irony, huh?

I actually quite enjoy making these fruit bouquets.  I like spending the time to put them together and give myself a little bit of time to just focus on the arrangement and the person that I'm creating it for.  I turn up the music and just zone out in my own little creative world.

Have you ever made on of these?  Or any other edible centerpieces?  I love finding new creative ways to share food, so I'd love to see your creations! Share 'em with me! :)

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